About Us

Our firm is guided by seasoned investment professionals and a dedicated team that work to provide clients with a personal and bespoke service. We closely adhere to the goals of our clients, recognizing the individual situation and goals of each investor. Willow Group offers a wide range of management services which follow a consistent philosophy of top quality relative value investing.

Willow Group’s strategy of investing is created to achieve capital growth while minimizing any extreme price fluctuations that result from volatile markets. In our opinion, a diversified portfolio of profitable securities with healthy growth prospects that are purchased at attractive prices will generate positive relative market results.

Our mission is straightforward; that is to provide customers with added value by creating excellent relative investment returns over a full market cycle and to provide clients with a sharp, full service and personalised guidance at all times.

At Willow Group we pride ourselves on the provision of superior standards and a flexible and innovative product offering. Willow Group aims to provide you with sound investment performance and world-class service to satisfy your investment needs. Our comprehensive array of solutions can, where desired, be provided on a segregated, portfolio basis. Our aim is to understand your needs and provide an optimal solution based on your long-term financial goals.

With non-retail clients we work closely with their professional advisors including accountants, planners and attorneys, to coordinate investment gains with other taxable events.

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